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The List of Top Browser Testing Providers

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What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross browser testing is the act of ensuring that the sites and web applications you make work across a worthy number of internet browsers. As a web engineer, it is your obligation to ensure that not exclusively accomplish your ventures work, however they work for every one of your clients, regardless of what program, gadget, or extra assistive devices they are utilizing. You need to consider. Various programs other than the a couple of that you utilize routinely on your gadgets, including marginally more established programs that a few people may even now be utilizing, which don’t uphold all the most recent, shiniest CSS and JavaScript highlights. Various gadgets with various abilities, from the best in class tablets and cell phones, through savvy TVs, directly down to modest tablets and much more seasoned component telephones that may run programs with restricted capacities. Individuals with handicaps, who utilize the Web with the guide of assistive innovations like screen per users, or don’t utilize a mouse (a few people utilize just the console).

Remember that you are not your clients — in light of the fact that your site deals with your MacBook Pro or top of the line Galaxy Nexus, doesn’t mean it will work for every one of your clients — there’s a ton of testing to be finished! Cross Browser testing is a kind of non-useful testing that allows you to check whether your site functions as planned when gotten to through: Different Browser-OS mixes i.e., on famous programs like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari—on any of the well known working frameworks like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Why Cross Browser testing is important?

Once in a while programs have bugs, or actualize includes in an unexpected way. The present circumstance is much less awful than it used to be, back when IE4 and Netscape 4 were contending to be the predominant program during the 1990s, program organizations purposely executed things diversely to one another to attempt to acquire upper hand, which made life hellfire for designers. Programs are vastly improved at adhering to norms nowadays, yet contrasts bugs actually creep through sometimes. Some programs may have various degrees of help for innovation highlights than others. This is unavoidable when you are managing cutting edge includes that programs are simply getting round to actualizing, or in the event that you need to help truly old programs that are done being created, which may have been frozen (for example not any more new work done on them) quite a while before another element was even created. For instance, in the event that you need to utilize bleeding edge JavaScript highlights in your site, they probably won’t work in more established programs. On the off chance that you need to help more established programs, you may need to not utilize those, or convert your code to antiquated linguistic structure utilizing some sort of cross-compiler where required. A few gadgets may have limitations that cause a site to run gradually, or show gravely. For instance, if a site has been intended to look decent on a work area PC, it will presumably look minuscule and be difficult to peruse on a cell phone. In the event that your site incorporates a heap of huge liveliness, it very well may be alright on a high spec tablet, however may be languid or jerky on a low end gadget. These are the reasons and for these reasons Cross Browser testing is important.

Let’s look on some top cross Browser testing providers. Have a look on it.

1. BrowserStack


BrowserStack Live is a versatile application and browser testing instrument. You can test your site on 2000+ programs making it one of the exhaustive program similarity tests. You can test your site on Android and iOS genuine gadgets utilizing their cloud stage. This instrument is additionally valuable for testing sites on various working frameworks and genuine cell phones. No arrangement is required for testing. It can begin moment testing in the genuine gadget cloud. It covers 2000+ work area programs and practically all genuine cell phone programs. It is Secure and a private organization.


  • Real Device Cloud
  • 2000+ real desktop browsers
  • Native browser experience
  • Seamless integration
  • Test development environments
  • Rapidly test your designs and layouts by generating screenshots 
  • Popular display resolutions
  • Geolocation testing
  • Uncompromising security
  • Highly-skilled support team is on hand for help

2. Lambda Test


LambdaTest is a cloud based stage that causes you perform cross program similarity testing of your web application or sites. You can run computerized selenium contents on LambdaTest’s adaptable cloud network, or can even perform live intelligent testing on genuine program conditions. It runs Selenium computerization tests on an adaptable Selenium matrix having 2000+ program conditions. It Executes mechanized screen capture and responsive testing of your site. The Lambda Test is Test your locally or secretly facilitated site utilizing SSH Tunnel. One click bug logging to your #1 bug following device like Asana, BitBucket, GitHub, JIRA, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello and so forth.


  • Integrated Debugging
  • Testing Locally Hosted Pages
  • Geo Location Testing
  • Perform automated browser tests 
  • Live interactive cross browser testing 
  • Auto-generate full-paged screenshots
  • Check the responsiveness of your website or web apps



Browsera is the best apparatus to test cross-browser and scripting mistakes for your site. This is a mechanized program similarity testing apparatus used to test a site and its components in numerous programs. You can utilize this assistance to test a site and all site pages for format and scripting blunders. It Discovers format issues. It also discovers JS blunders. It can test the whole site. Dynamic page testing is also available. It can tests pages behind login secret word. The most amazing aspect is – installation isn’t needed


  • Discovers layout problems
  • Locate JavaScript Errors
  • Easily test your whole site
  • Test pages behind login
  • Installation is not required
  • Dynamic pages are also tested



CrossBrowserTesting makes every web experience perfect, on any browser or mobile device. CrossBrowserTesting tests your site on 2050+ genuine work area and portable programs. Intuitively test and investigate on live distant gadgets, see your site on various browsers on the double by taking robotized, or run computerized utilizing Selenium, Appium, or your other most loved systems. Light-footed groups can test quicker with equal testing and combinations with CI apparatuses like Jenkins. CrossBrowserTesting will permit you to run single or equal screen captures and relapse tests. Through its instinctive REST API, you will gain admittance to practically the whole application. It gives you full admittance to engineer instruments and expansions, for example, FireBug and Chrome Dev Tools. Your group will have the option to scale the mechanization speed with Selenium and Appium cloud testing.


  • Test on Real Mobile Devices with scrolling and swiping
  • Leverage native browser debugging tools and consoles.
  • Record and track network logs for performance.
  • Run Selenium or Appium tests in your favorite programming languages.
  • Quickly validate your code earlier in the development process with Headless Browser Testing.
  • Easily run single or parallel screenshots and regression tests

5. Perfecto


The Perfecto platform is open and coordinated. Perfecto coordinates consistently with your present cycles and all the instruments you as of now use — from robotization systems to CI/CD tools. Run equal testing across an assortment of stages and OSes to scale a high volume of day by day tests. Execute your web testing half quicker with Perfecto. Perfecto offers the quickest testing with the best. Perfecto is the lone seller that can test web and versatile web across all the programs, gadgets, and OSes you need for complete inclusion.


  • Identify and fix issues fast
  • Test in a Stable and Scalable Environment
  • Integrate with your DevOps toolchain
  • Manual, automated, & continuous testing
  • Rich artifacts to support debugging
  • Real User Simulation

6. Browserling


Live intelligent meetings at Browserling. Not simply screen captures. You can communicate with the programs live as though they were introduced on your PC. They run genuine work area programs on their workers in virtual machines. They don’t utilize emulators or phony programs. Admittance to the most recent programs. They introduce the most recent programs when new one come out. You gain admittance to the most recent programs immediately!


  1. Live interactive sessions
  2. Real browsers running on real computers
  3. Access to the latest browsers
  4. Responsive testing
  5. SSH tunnels for local testing
  6. No Flash, Java, or plugins required
  7. Browser extension for quicker testing
  8. Live API and Bookmarklets for quicker testing



  1. Purpose-built, top-ranked solutions
  2. The only end-to-end enterprise platform
  3. Meets you where you are in your digital transformation 
  4. AI- and ML-driven intelligence
  5. Visibility and actionable insights

8. EndTest


  1. Video recording of test executions.
  2. Computer Vision.
  3. Integrations with Jenkins, Jira, Slack, etc.
  4. Email notifications with the results.
  5. Sending API requests in your tests.
  6. Checking the emails and SMS messages sent by your .
  7. Scheduling tests to run at certain hours or intervals.



  1. Mobile App Testing
  2. Cross-browser testing
  3. API testing
  4. Low code testing
  5. Visual testing
  6. Supported Integration

10. Functionize


  1. Lightning Fast Creation
  2. AI Assisted Maintenance
  3. Fast Debugging and Easy Edit
  4. Adaptive Execution at Scale
  5. Integrate with your tools